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The Emotional, Physical And Spiritual Guide To A Toxic Free Lifestyle

A few years ago, some events changed my life and how I took care of myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 
I’m sure you are wondering what I mean by a toxic-free lifestyle. This lifestyle encapsulates every aspect of life; from physical, emotional wellbeing to the spiritual.

For me, in the physical sense, it means paying attention to what my family and I consume and put on. This means lots of label and ingredient reading. [ yup, I’m the one in the aisle reading every last ingredient and sometimes googling lol]. Trust me, I invest time in reading and educating myself for this purpose.

In 2014, I wanted to try something new. Every woman wants clear, spotless, and glowing skin. I also wanted to try something new.

This led me to try a Lipstain by a popular brand and the results were disastrous.

My lips turned black, itchy, and swollen.

It got so bad that elderly women would pull me to the side and say "You should stop using this black lipstick. It makes you look ******(you can fill in the hurtful blanks).

It's one thing to struggle with something but it's worse when others don't know the full story and judge you.

Some people who didn't even know me would comment on my photo on Instagram and tell me to stop smoking. smh. 

By God’s Grace, after almost a month I was able to get it back to my usual pink, soft lips (what I did is a story for another day). Imagine my horror when this happened. I couldn’t go anywhere without putting on lipstick to cover the black lips.

I knew I couldn’t keep that up because it was making it worse, after a couple of weeks I stopped wearing any lipstick, except lip balm to keep my lip moisturized.

Someone actually asked me to take off the “black lipstick” since it wasn’t a good look for me. Little did he know it wasn’t a black lipstick I had on but a reaction due to toxic ingredients. How embarrassing!

This episode ultimately birthed what we have today as Kharis Organics. It completely changed the way I looked at body care products. I started researching and detoxing my body and skincare products.

When it came to body lotions and creams, I couldn’t find anything without toxic preservatives. That’s when I remembered my Grandma’s go-to body moisturizer; Sheabutter. I decided to look into the benefits of Sheabutter and what I found amazed me.

I wondered why I hadn’t taken advantage of this natural elixir all these years. I starting whipping the butter with some oils and I shared it with family and friends. They loved it because they started seeing results. This became a staple however the perfectionist in me realized it was lacking something so I went back to the drawing board.

I began researching the benefits of other kinds of butter, oils, and herbs for our skin. That’s when I came across the huge benefits of mango butter, calendula, lemongrass, avocado oil among others. I kept learning and researching and mixing up my recipes until I got the perfect mix. Shoutouts to my family and friends for allowing me to use them for my experiments lol.

As a new mother, I have come to appreciate the body soufflé even more because I want to ensure that I am using the best ingredients in our home and also for every home the body soufflé goes into.


Today after shipping thousands of packages to women all over the world, Kharis Organics is a blessing to so many people.

I have been able to give back to my community, church, and even pay bills for complete strangers. 
This line of skincare treats is guaranteed to give you visible results fast without compromising on the ingredients.

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Emotionally, I make sure to steer clear of dramatic situations and anything with toxic traits. I observe a lot of things around me and If anything tries to stress me out, I quickly eliminate it from my life. I’m not an advocate of being so quick to cut people off BUT if an individual is consistently problematic then Cut itttt! Like the song says lol.
Spiritually, I build myself up with the study & mediation of the Word of God and prayer. I’m always refreshed with this. I find that it keeps me in a Toxic-Free Zone and even when contrary situations arise I’m unshaken.
Now, tell me, what does a Toxic-Free Lifestyle mean to you?


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