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Product Review for our Best Selling Body Soufflé!


“ Highly recommend the body soufflé!! It melts in your hand and moisturizes your skin. 👏👏. I have dry skin and this product is what I needed! Well done. Kharis Organics!! “ 

“ I bought Kharis Organics Body soufflé and was blown away, my daughter and I use it soo much we literally fight over who has to keep the jar in their room. It keeps our skin hydrated all day and smells so amazing. We love the ingredients and how it feels on our skin. We are obsessed with it and the fact that is all natural makes it even better, I will definitely buy again“ 

“ Did you know that shea butter is a powerful moisturizer with anti aging, sunscreen protection and healing properties? Kharis Organics soufflé created by @mariemanuonline brings you just that. I was introduced to this product when I decided to move away from beauty products which were more toxic for me than beneficial and I’m happy to say that I’ve used Kharis Organics  product for over a year and my skin has never felt this radiant, soft and well moisturized. The oils Marie infuses in this body soufflé doubles up the benefits you will get from its use. Kharis Organics is  worth every dollar I have spent on it.” 

" Let me just say that I am in love!!!! Especially with the lemongrass scent My husband and I keep fighting over the 2oz jar. It has made my skin so much better and i definitely plan on purchasing a jar very soon"

“ My absolute favorite scent. I use the lemon grass at night because it’s more mellow scented and soothing. But the floral one is just what I need to wake me up in the morning and make me step into the day with all the feels 😍😍😍“ 

The Body Soufflé is the truth. My Body and hair smells so good. I really do love it in my hair, there is nothing like nice smelling hair. My husband doesn't like Sheabutter because of how it smells but he is really happy with the Floral Soufflé and is dragging it with me. Please I want another jar.